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French Street Artist

Faben is a contemporary artist, from Street art, spotted by Jean Ferrero, and a member of the los gringos crew collective.
His work revolves around the spontaneity of movement (resulting from graffiti) and Love, an essential vector of each human being. His works are lively, colorful, the line is perfectly mastered and the whole gives a speed and a movement felt instantly.



French Painter & Sculptor

François Nasica is a French artist whose works have been extensively exhibited nationally and in Italy, Bolivia, the Netherlands, Thailand, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Denmark. His art explores a variety of themes, including religion, death, transgender issues, and ecology. Nasica does not define himself with any artistic style or school. He paints instinctively using a limited palette.



French Street Artist

Debza is a completely self-taught artist from Toulouse. He specializes in graffiti, where he had the opportunity to perfect his art by traveling and painting around the world, from Montreal to Tokyo, through Buenos Aires.
His style is a perfect balance between serious and playful, most probably thanks to his main sources of inspiration, including Japanese culture, manga, travel, horror films, and his environment.


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